Friday, July 11, 2008

Addressing the list

I have so far accomplished the following items:
- got really sick starting the day after school got out, for 3 weeks of yuck.
- finally got well, finally!
- poked around town w/ secret squirrel as she got stuff for her new house and got ready to go help out with the olympic track & field trials.
- saw Wall-E (super cute, heavy-handed on the political messaging)
- took care of one class in Tacoma (easy-peasy)
- took care of one class in Seattle (yargh!!! frustrating.)
- took bug & kiwi to the vet (bug officially has a hyperthyroid problem, and is now on medication. foo. the vet loves kiwi, and hugged and kissed her on the head. kiwi didn't mind.)
- drove waaaayyy too much.
- ate some of our peas.
- went to the portland etsy sale by the psu farmer's market. got a great bowl and mug.
- cleaned
- took more photos of garden
- went to a family reunion/potluck thingy
- hung out w/ a schimelpfenig and got art studio class ideas
- finished some prep work for yearbook during the stupid Seattle class.
- got the time for my vet appointment and cpr class mixed up and had to reschedule my cpr class.
- got the tags updated on the honda
- got my official type II driving endorsement for my school district
- got a van reserved for yearbook camp
- called and hassled the four kids who haven't paid yet.

today... I'm staying home, watering plants, eating more peas, smelling the tomato plants and playing zelda. and maybe cleaning the kitchen. maybe.


K Schimmy said...

There should be a website called

ninjahq said...

OMG!! That is an ADORABLE picture of kiweeeeee!