Tuesday, December 16, 2008

oh, man. What a crazy day. We started off with lockdown drills, and then progressed into real lockdowns, then my classroom had to move to one side of our room, then the whole school evacuated to the stadium (which I might add, was very cold without a coat). After an hour of that, we moved into the middle school gym where I hung out with 700+ squirrelly squirrels for several hours of confined and enforced togetherness. The kids were finally bused home after four hours of crazy, and I caught a ride home with another teacher whose husband had mercifully come to pick her up, as the staff couldn't get to our cars yet.

oiy. another day in the life, eh? My coat and snow boots are still in the closet of my other room at school. I guess I'll fetch them tomorrow, as long as the weather cooperates and we still have school. All I ask is for one more day, so we can finish our yearbook deadlines. Wish me luck!

12/17 UPDATE: I went to school, and was immediately sent home again. The custodian literally waiting in front of the main office to shoo people away. School was canceled for today. I did go inside and fetch my coat, boots and thermos, as well as spent some time editing, compressing and sending off 85% of the yearbook pages that were due. The remainder rest in the hands of the editor for now. I feel much better about the whole thing, though. Now, I'm going to drink coffee and knit up a storm.

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What the hell happened???