Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wow. It just keeps snowing. All the snow that melted away came back, and brought friends. We did have school on Thursday (even though it was snowing in the 'Couv most of the day). Friday was canceled, and so I am officially on winter break now.

Mrpants and I are tucked away in the house today. We attempted to go to the post office this morning (high adventure!), but our local po was closed. So... sorry everyone, but presents will be late this year.

I'll have to go outside later and take some photos from somewhere other than my front window. It seems that the side yard is getting buried, as the wind whips through there like it's a wind tunnel.

stay warm, everyone!


thetravellor said...

I think Monday is actually supposed ot have the best weather for the week, so I'm hoping that my flight will be on time..

Secret Squirrel said...

I can't beleive the post office was closed. Wow. I didn't think that ever happened. Well, my gifts are going to be very late. They haven't even gotten here yet. Stupid internet.