Tuesday, December 09, 2008

So, I realize it's been awhile since I posted any student work. I'll start with two of the Andy Warhol, pop art, stencil projects we did. The kids did pretty well with this, although some of the younger students and students with learning difficulties had a very difficult time creating their stencils, and finding the highlights of the faces. I like giving them strangers or celebrities to work on, as they tend not to worry about making the faces "pretty" as much as if it was their own photo they were working on.

Next time I'm definitely doing smaller pieces of tagboard. I wanted to put a bunch of these in the art gallery, but we didn't have any frames that fit... and I couldn't afford to go out and buy any. Too bad. The work was great, and I wanted people to see it. I've also ordered some more cutting mats for the x-acto knives. We only had five for a class of 25 students. That made the whole project go slower.

Goals: students will learn the definitions of positive and negative space, while creating a stencil of a human face. (materials: tempera paint & tagboard)

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Anonymous said...

great teacher work! Stencil prints look awesome!