Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A list.... because I'm too lazy to put it together in grownup paragraph format.

1. I think the N button on my laptop is breaking or something. Gah.
2. Roz wants to lie on the keyboard... perhaps these two issues are connected?
3. I created a school blog for the animation kids. We vote on who from each class and each project will go up on the site. I should put together an online voting dealio.
4. I made an advert for my 3d class and put it on the site. Watch it:
5. I think I'm getting the current school cold. My throat hurts.
6. My fav kiddo, SB, seems to be in full effect again today. He's beginning to model some terrifying space rats for his next project. A little heart problem won't keep him down.
7. I finally got my art class kids to talk and smile today. sheesh.
8. I think I heard a new David Byrne song on the radio today?!
9. R and I think that we may have finally found a yoga instructor who is not ridiculous.
10. I have to get back to grading, and then to bed early. I had three kids tell me I looked tired today. eep.

ps - I finally figured out that the English teacher's band sounds like Matchbox 20. That's why it's so familiar, and moderately boring.


Ms. Angie said...

Matchbox 20 sound-alikes? Gah.

I'm a fan of the lists. You make all the lists you want.

Secret Squirrel said...

email will not let me talk to you. I keep getting error messages. Poo.