Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Did I mention school is out? And that the Santa Cruz peeps came to visit? Goodness, it's been a whirlwind couple of weeks. Let's see...

I managed to finish school without strangling any children. I did, however, kick out a boy during the art class final, and separate two others. Jerks. I mean, really, if you're failing a class, you have no intention of doing anything productive in class, you don't enjoy being there, and you skipped at least 40% of the class so far anyhow.... why show up for the final? I was ready for the seniors to leave, as they were all spazzypants. But, once they were gone, the maturity level in the room drops by way more than it should. I missed them almost instantly.

But, it's done. I had two after school meetings that went well. We, of course, want to meet more and get more collaboration done. We've asked the PTB (powers that be) if we could get paid for another piddly 5 hours... but I'm guessing we'll get a no.

The Santa Cruz contingency came to town as well. They were here the last three days of school, which made it a little crazy for me, but not too bad. Funny that, if we hadn't had snow/bomb scare days, I would have been down with school a week earlier and had more hangout time with them. Oh, well.

The summer adventures are starting. I've decided to overhaul our bedroom. I hate how it's set up. I hate the furniture. I'm tired of the paint job. So, we're gonna haul out our bedroom furniture and take it to a garage sale and P&S's this weekend. Then we're gonna go buy some bedroom furniture at Ikea. In between the furniture, I'm going to clean and repaint the bedroom. I'm hoping to do most of it by myself, so as to not put out the pants. He will have to help me with the furniture moving, the bed dis-assembly and painting the ceiling. I think I can do the rest myself. I have two solid weeks of no obligations in which to get it down. As long as I don't get caught up playing Super Mario Galaxy too much, I should be ok.

I've also been planting some more stuff in the garden. The veg is coming along nicely. We have Dragon Tongue beans getting long and stripey. The tomatoes are starting to fill out and the peppers have loads of flower buds. The cukes and zuchs are getting really big leaves, and (cross your fingers) I haven't lost any herbs yet. It was a close call with the woolly thyme, but I think I saved it.

Anyhow, there are loads of pics on flickr. I think, in fact, I'll go take a few more of the tomatoes and beans no that my allergy medicine has started to kick in.


Anonymous said...

your veggies are way ahead of mine down here at the cold coast! Except I have harvested 2 whole gallon zip lock bags of yummy sugar snaps!

Do you want me to come up and help you paint?

PS wonder what sobany means

kungfuramone said...

You were a trooper during our visit. Thank you for continuing to be rad through the exhaustion.