Monday, July 13, 2009

Driving to Tacoma every day for a week sucks. It sucks.. a lot. Also, forgetting to put gas in the Prius, because you've been getting up and hitting the road to Tacoma before 6am every day for a week also sucks. Be-CAUSE... then you run out of gas in Tenino, in the middle of the construction zone on I5. And then you are two hours late to the last day of class. All of this sucks. The class itself was not too bad. Teacher was very cool and kind. Other classmates were fairly decent. Materials were a little silly, but some ideas were jotted down for future use.

Today's class and travel to and from Tacoma sucked. The teacher was horribly confrontational and rigid. The classmates were defeated and/or cowed by her. No me gusta.

Things that don't suck:
Brian made beer!
Our new bedroom is awesome.
Brian took me out to dinner and Pix tonight (yum!).
Cats are fuzzy and cuddly.
I finished Brian's scarf.
Brian made my headache go away by rubbing my head.
I'm going to see the new Harry Potter at the midnight showing tomorrow.
We have large tomatoes that will get red soon.
I went to the Oregon Lavender Festival on Sunday, and bought Pear-Fig-Lavender Jam.
We're going to Japan in two weeks!

Also... we saw this scene when the Empire Strikes Back was playing at the Bagdad a while back.


K Schimmy said...

I miss Portland.

El Chupacabra said...

You have a very firm grasp on what defines both the "suck-tastic" and the "fucking rad" elements of life. Well played madam, well played.

kungfuramone said...

Running out of gas in a Prius is a little like getting alcohol poisoning from pounding too many near-beers.

Which is to say: it could happen to anyone.