Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good gravy!

So, having finished the matching hat and scarf for Mrpants, I decided to attempt socks v.2. During winter break, I received a much-wanted book titled, "Toe-Up Techniques for Hand-knit Socks." I had already made my first pair of socks. They turned out ok, if not perfect. They used a fairly thick wool and were made with size 6 needles. So they were pretty chunky socks. I've since felted them, and they fit much better and look nicer. The fuzziness hides a lot of imperfections ( the fact that one is inside out halfway up).

Anyhow, being that I am the (not-so) proud owner of a set of cankles, I wanted to knit socks on which I could adjust the ankle/leg width. Also, you can just keep knitting up and up with toe-up socks, and get knee highs if you have enough yarn. That sounds like fun.

So I attempted to start the toe-up beginner sock today. There were three different techniques in the book for casting on the toe. I tried all of them. I think, in all, I attempted the cast on more than seven times. At 6:15pm, I finally manged to get a perfect cast on.


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Secret Squirrel said...

I was looking at your flickr pictures. Beer making? I like the new room color, very nice. Can't wait to see it.