Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cupcake Craft Night: monthly!

All Hail! The monthly Cupcake Craft Night is now commencing.

Starting October 2009, Cupcake Craft Night will occur on the third tues of every month. Interested parties will arrive at Casa de Pantalones around 6pm and stay until 10pm. Cupcakes will be on hand, as will various beverages. Additional snackables and drinkables will welcomed.

Anyone is welcome to come to Cupcake Craft Night, even if they're not sure they have a craft to work on. We can always haul out the glitter and glue, or they can just eat, drink and be merry.

The first date is October 20th. Hope to see you then!


Secret Squirrel said...

I wished I leaved by you. :(

beetlegirl said...

Sad Becky. Wish I was close enough for a craft night. My only crafting buddy at the moment likes to eat the cord to my sewing machine and sit on my toes while I am at the ironing board. But...that all being said...I hope you all have lots of fun...I think it is a fabulous idea.