Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I meant to post about this earlier, but got all caught up in doing stuff. Last week was awesome. It, once again, re-affirmed why I live in Portland. Let me list a schedule for you:

Monday - went to the Bagdad Theater for Science Pub, which was a lecture by a gent from Laika about using 3D animation and 3D resin printers in the stop-motion film, Coraline. Super interesting, and I got to hold part of a Coraline face!

Tuesday - finished making yearbook page layouts with the "creative team" staff after school. They had brilliant ideas, and super work ethic. yay!

Wednesday - Went to a talk hosted by Cyan and PNCA, wherein Matt Stinchcomb gave a lecture on who Etsy is and why it was created, how it runs, etc. Very inspiring and interesting. He mentioned that looking at numbers and demographics, Portland brings a large amount of Etsy sellers for a city our size. We're right up there with the big cities like LA, Houston, NYC, etc.

Thursday - Art Club kids decided they're going to be making and selling custom ceramic mugs. Need one? Only $9!

Friday - was Friday! and there was no school (in service). I got permission to go to a Photoshop training at the Oregon Convention Center, so didn't even have to go out to the 'Couv.

Saturday - Kicked off Portland Open Studios.

Sunday - had breakfast with K at Bar Carlo, and then headed out to Sauvie Island to get pumpkins, caramel apples, mini donuts and beer by Captured by Porches.

Portland is rad. I wouldn't want to live too many other places.

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