Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wheee! I received the first monthly shipment of my 500-count colored pencil set that mrpants got me for the holidays. It's so freakin' cool!

Let me list for you (from light to dark) the names that were assigned these colors (Each pencil has a color name! Squeeee!):

cyan, indian princess, pastel turquoise, east of eden, green puff, summer sea, bluegreen velvet, celtics, bobby shaftoe (!!!), rivulet, garden club, parrot, snow pea, sister susan, california passion, drizzly afternoon, glacial lake, zuni stone, porcelain blue, hawthorne valley, red-tailed cat, dugong, spring green, deep aquamarine, prussian blue.


K Schimmy said...

So fun. Can't wait to meet the next color family... perhaps oranges?!?

theNerdPatrol said...

I <3 red tailed cat :)