Monday, June 21, 2010

I have awesome friends.

The last few weeks of school got really crazy there for a bit. I was sick, we lost The Bug, grading was going nuts, I was still having meetings (even on the last non-final day of school! wtf!), room decisions hadn't been made for next year and the other teachers were freaking out and I seemed to have plans for every single night. And, you all know how I find it impossible to cancel on anyone, no matter what. I was a bit overwhelmed.

So, it's done.

I got the opportunity to hang out all day with Ms.Can Do Kitchen herself on Thursday. We had breakfast at Broder (a Scandinavian place on Clinton). They had delicious breakfast. Mine was served on a tiny, square, cast iron skillet with a tiny potholder.

Then we went to Mississippi and looked around. Meadow was awesome with salts, chocolates and flowers. They even had bitters. Ms.CDK bought some cardamom bitters, which should be fantastic in whiskey! We saw baby chicks at Pistil, too. We tried to head to Branch, but were too early. So, Pat let us chill with him at Cork for a while, telling us amusing stories and letting us sample some wine. I bought a very fancy beer for Mrpants and Ms.CDK bought some blond Lillet. Very fancy. We eventually got to head over to Branch, and had very yummy snacks and whiskey drinks. I loved the Dark & Stormy. Mm... gingery. Ms.CDK had an amazing mint julep in a tiny silver cup. A lovely day.

On Satuday, the ladies met up at my place and we did about half of the FoPo Garden Tour. It was really fun seeing all of my neighbor's back yards and talking to them. I didn't have to be sneaky about trying to see their chickens and back yards.

One woman had a lot of really cool flowers, and one she didn't care for: The infamous Corpse Lily. It's really big (4' tall and the lilly was larger than two hands put together), and when it blooms it smells like rotting meat. Madness.

After the tour, most of the ladies went their separate ways. Nerdygirl and I went downtown to Powell's to the Regretsy book signing. The author was very funny, although she mentioned that when she pitched her idea of a crafting version of antique road show to Comedy Central, they not only passed on the idea... but they told her since Sarah Silverman's show wasn't doing too well, "We aren't working with women right now." WTF? Her response, "Well, we both have warm blood, too. Perhaps you should stop working with all mammals." What the crap? Sarah Silverman represents all women now? Comedy Central, you're full of crap.

Anyhow... we left the book signing, had lunch at Rogue and then went to explore Vino Vixens on Powell. I swear VV uses time-lord technology. They are way bigger on the inside than you expect. There were six rooms inside a place that I thought would be able to hold six people. Very unexpected. We ended the night at Kennedy School with pizza, beer and Hot Tub Time Machine. As Nerdygirl said, "It's nice to a see a new 80's movie with John Cusack." Go see it.

This was an awesome way to start Summer. And shortly, I'll be leaving for three weeks of London (and a weekend in Copenhagen). I love this plan.

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K Schimmy said...

Those blocks of salt are very, very intriguing to me. Are those bowls on top of the blocks also made of salt? That would make for some icky cheerios.