Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Well, I just got an interview for a high school. I'll be going in on Monday. It's definitely not my first choice of schools, but I figure that even if I have to turn it down, it'll still be good interviewing experience. Hopefully make me less nervous for my later, more important, interviews.

The plants are growing like crazy. We have another set of tulips, the herbs are getting bigger and bigger. We're gonna have to use them soon or they'll get all leggy. Tomatoes seem to be happy. They've grown a little bit. We also found that we have some pumpkin plants growing from our hasty composting of the halloween decorations last year. Pretty funny. I'm gonna let a few grow and see if I can move them to a larger bed when we make some room. We did some weeding on Saturday. Brian went crazy w/ the lawnmower, and even did the parking strips in front of the neighbors'. I found lots of weird and interesting stuff in the flower beds out front. There's still a ways to go. I was disappointed on how far I got, and how long it took. Maybe more next weekend.

The mighty bug pulled a houdini the other night. We had the bedroom window open, and it turns out the screen is not securly in place. I'm not sure how long he was out in the wide world, but I found him scurrying around in the back alley, pretending that if he got low enough to the ground I wouldn't see him. I hope it wasn't too long outside. I don't want him to establish his armies for world domination. Gotta keep that in check.

I just finished painting one wall of the kitchen. I'm not super happy with the color, so we'll have to see what it looks like when I paint the cabinets white and how all that interacts. I think there may not be a large enough change in color from the orange to the yellow. I was thinking something a little more lemony. The studio got some attention yesterday as well. First time in forever. I need to do some serious recycling of boxes from that room. I think the empty boxes are what's taking up most of the space at this point.

My presentation last Tuesday went well. The prof was excited about how we put it together (thanks to Chelsey's brilliance). I'm glad I'm done with that. The information we had to present was sooooo boring and remedial. I don't really like the format of this class. I now have to write two papers for art history and get a 5 minute presentation set up. I'm not too worried about it. I do need to go spend some time at PAM for some of the research, and I'm not too bummed about that. Also, in my ceramics class last night, I got to glaze two pieces and I made a plate! My very first plate. I'm pretty excited about it. I think I need to start planning out what my cylinder shapes will look like now, or they'll just keep ending up the same. Gotta get some variety in there.

That's all folks!

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