Thursday, April 02, 2009

I was going to be soooo clever. Clever and witty. Erudite, even. But now I've consumed four rum & cokes (w/ lime!). The clever (what little there was) has left the building.

I feel no guilt for my rummy-coke-y-ness. I'm on spring break. Thppppttt.... also, mrpants made some super yummy vegan (we're out of eggs, and both wore our pajamas all day) pumpkin bread. Delish!

Mrpants has caught the second wave of sick. His sick was split in half and had a breather between, unlike my CONTINUOUS FOUR WEEKS of sick. In any case, he feels like the uck. It seems like he's starting to feel a bit better, what with the baking and all. He also made veggie chili today, with roasted acorn squash. It, also, was delish.

Not a bad day in all (for me!). Woke up late. Played a little solitaire in bed on the iphone. Had loads of delicious coffee. Ate bagels w/ jam. I love jam. Read a book. Finished felting the last cat bed and fixed the socks I knitted a zillion years ago. Ate chili. Drank rum. Ate pumpkin bread. petted cats of silliness. Internetted.

Boring for others, but awesome for me. This spring break has been fairly busy so far. As much as I like my "in-laws" (and I really, really do), it was nice to have a whole, entire day that I wasn't obligated to go and do, or be, or entertain, or any such.

I was planning on doing some gardening today, but as the weather was iffy most of the day, I really couldn't be bothered. I do have pea seeds soaking, tho. So I need to plant them soon. Also, the weeds in the front yard are getting out of hand, and the passion flower vine has apparently not made it through Snowpocolype 2008. Some yardwork is definitely in order.

To conclude, I present you with a contrast and compare of my most recent celebrity crushes. (Yes. I'm twelve. Shuttup. But oh... they are so hot and tall and brilliant and clever!). I convinced my nephew to pick The Graveyard Book as his plane-home-read this week, and made sure the sis-in-law knew to netflix Coraline when it became available. I also pointed out Bourdain's book at the bookstore, but I don't think it's really her gig.



kungfuramone said...

Rum is good for curing what ails ya. I think you already knew that, though.

Anonymous said...

rum and coke and pumpkin bread-----you must have a strong consitution!

Yay, for spring break days that are really "a day off". Everyone needs those.

Hopefully there will be gardening weather tomorrow, Saturday, that's what I'm banking on......

K Schimmy said...

I definitely enjoy No Reservations, but I have never been too attracted to Anthony Bourdain. Neil Gaiman, on the other hand, has an adorable nose and great hair. It's really okay to have such crushes, even if you have a wonderful man in your life... I still harbor a Hugh Jackman as Wolverine issue.

Sounds like your break has been fab. The lazing in pajamas/eating yummies sounds wonderful (mmmm... rum!). Our break starts today, mostly I shall be slummin' it with the four-month-old, sharing stories.